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Are you a gamer who plays different yet unique games all the time on your Xbox or PlayStation? Then you must know that every gamer on the Internet nowadays has a unique IP Address, and they must need to record that IP address for the gaming progress. For that purpose, you need a platform to help you convert your Xbox or PlayStation’s Gamertag into IP Addresses. In this era of the Internet and computer, this process has become very with the help of the xResolver Platform. So, if you are curious about this Platform, you must read the following guide.

What is xResolver?

xresolver is a web-based tool that transforms gamer tags and usernames from Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox into the standard IP format. The xresolver program was created specifically to protect gamer tags and usernames from hackers. The primary function of xresolver is to convert user names and gamer tags into short IP addresses. In essence, it is a library that captures diverse player data. Moreover, it also uses very powerful algorithms to capture the private data of those players. Although it could be beneficial in some circumstances, it can also reveal your identity online, which third parties might readily use against you.

What is xResolver?

How To Use xResolver?

Using xresolver is relatively simple for newcomers because of its distinctive and user-friendly design. The xresolver dashboard was made to be manageable by the developer. Utilizing xresolver doesn’t need any problematic measures. If you are having trouble using xresolver, you should pay attention to the instructions below.

  • Visit the official Xresolver website at https://xresolver.com
  • Select Xbox Resolver or PlayStation according to your need.
  • Then enter the new “IP address” in the Xbox gamer tag.
  • Type it in to convert “Xbox gamer tag” into an IP address.
  • After clicking the “Resolve” button, you are done.

IP address

What does xResolver Do?

Xresolver is also known as Xbox resolver or PlayStation resolver, which retains open access to information on IP addresses and their relationships to Gamertags. Significantly, this information of the player is readily accessible to the general public, and the content that is shown to the public is neither illegal nor prohibited to share on a public website. The problem is that the person that is attempting to link their IP address to your personal profile may not have the finest motives.  The person may be a hacker searching for information about your PS4 or Xbox IP address.

DDoS Attack With xResolver:

With xResolver, you can give access to your personal data to the relevant stakeholders. On the other hand, the physical connection of the network with your online recognition is linked by this private information. Once the attacker gets access to your private information, they may use it to target you in several different ways. Attacks involving distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDOS) might be one of these.

Why should I Protect My IP Address?

If a hacker learns your IP address, your whole network may be inundated with pointless communications traffic, basically distributed denial-of-service or DDoS attacks that would momentarily shut down your Internet. Not to mention that you will be removed from any online gaming session you are playing. It is a recognized fact that certain people who often play online experience this problem. Therefore, protecting your IP address is essential if you want to stay secure online and avoid having your gaming sessions cut short.

How to Blacklist Yourself?

Suppose you don’t wish to remain on the xresolver server any longer. This makes it simple to delete or conceal from the xresolver server. To conceal or delete yourself from xresolver is not a difficult task. There will be no more of your data on the xresolver after you are added to a blacklist by the resolver. Using this method, you can protect yourself from hackers and attacks on Microsoft services.

Steps to Blacklist Yourself:

Follow the actions below to safeguard your privacy from third-party assaults and malicious hackers.

  • If you first attempted to conceal your IP address, you can do it by using an authentic VPN.
  • To change your IP address, you must contact your ISP.
  • Avoid any chance gatherings, and don’t believe anyone you don’t know.
  • Using this method, you will protect the IP addresses on Microsoft and Sony’s services.

Top Alternatives of xResolver in 2022:

The Internet gives users access to several websites that collect IP addresses, proving that there is always a backup plan. You will benefit from these options by getting safe and trouble-free gameplay that hackers might otherwise disrupt. Below is a list of certain xResolver competitors that really are secure and offer similar functionalities. There are a few free solutions, even if most of them may cost you money. Please remember that utilizing these technologies is not seen as a moral act. If you really want to utilize any of the following, make sure you have a strong reason for doing so.

1. Xbox Resolver

This Xbox resolver is an online tool to retrieve the IP address from the player’s game tag. As a player, you could learn information about your opponent. It is ideal for you to find packets and locate private networks. You may find out information about your opponent in the form of the IP address, username, physical location, and ISP.

Nevertheless, this process of getting information this way can take some time to collect. If you notice that it takes too much time, then refresh the page. However, If you run into any issues regarding this problem, you can also join the Xbox resolver discord discussion group, which will help you with this.

Xbox Resolver

2. Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS is a tool that is used as an IP puller and PSN resolver. From live gaming sessions of PSN and Xbox, this tool locates and extracts the IP addresses of different players. Furthermore, linking the IP addresses associated with the Gamertags of your rivals becomes very simple and easy. That is why this tool is a user-friendly platform with a vibrant online community. Installing this free IP puller will allow you to intercept and capture IPs from Xbox and PSN live gaming sessions. This tool uses a free IP scraper and solver for Xbox Gamertags and PSN usernames and has a database platform suitable for PC, Xbox, and PSN.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

3. OctoSniff

To use this particular IP grabber, you must pay. However, it is reasonably priced. It has several of the most potent qualities. It is 100% malware-free, has a user-friendly interface, is easy to install, has a ton of tutorials, and provides 24/7 support. This tool performs a function in which deleting packets and decoding the identities of the rivals are included. With the help of this tool, users could retrieve packets from different Xbox games and correlate IP addresses to different players in PlayStation games. OctoSniff is a robust platform that numerous players use to optimize their gaming connections and boost their winnings.


4. Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer is still another choice. It allows you to obtain a username and a player’s IP address without the necessity for jailbreaking, just as the other Xbox IP grabbers. Console Sniffer has a straightforward setup and doesn’t need connections. VPNs are compatible with it. When you pay the price for this tool, you can instantly download it and start using it. It only functions on PCs running Windows, excluding gaming consoles.


5. Xbox Booter

This Xbox IP grabber was developed with the express purpose of kicking individuals out of their gaming sessions. Layers 4 and 7 of its IP Booter are strong, and they launch assaults to take players offline. You can sniff and retrieve IPs from the Xbox console using its IP puller. Through a network monitoring or logger app, you may retrieve IP addresses thanks to its IP grabber.


6. Psycho Coding

Psycho Coding offers VPN services to gamers and pulls Xbox IP addresses. Strong Xbox filters, custom packet filters, and DDoS protection features on the website make it simple to extract crucial player data while grabbing player IPs. The IP addresses, usernames, geolocation, and ISP details of the opponents are displayed. The IP puller may also be used with game consoles other than the Xbox.


7. Xboxreplay

One of the quickest methods to locate all of your shared Xbox images and video is through the Xboxreplay. The Greatest Game DVR material may be viewed, shared, and downloaded using it. With few advertisements, the program is open source and free. It facilitates quick and simple sharing and expansion of your Game DVR. Future projects all utilize Xboxreplay, which was created from scratch. If you want to get to know your other players, this is the perfect tool. The algorithms make it much simpler to collect the player’s IP address, city, username, and geolocation by which you can save yourself from hackers.


Final Thought:

These are some xResolver alternatives that you may give a shot at. Before using them, it’s crucial to consider the amount of protection they provide thoroughly. You can avoid the most dangerous aspects of these resolvers by taking precautions. For most Xbox and PS4 users, the default option is employing IP grabbers like xResolver. You may have fun getting to know other gamers through these network monitoring programs and websites. Still, you also risk getting into trouble if you reveal any of your online information.

As a result, we hope this tutorial should assist you in understanding xResolver and its alternatives. It would help if you kept in mind to use caution before using these tools. So, if you are interested in reading more blog posts like this, visit the Tech Gossip Daily website for updates on new and genuine content.

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