Baamboozle: A Perfect Game For Learning With Fun


If you are a student and want to learn your lessons with fun, then you need a perfect platform for that. There is a platform that is a web-based learning platform to learn your lesson in a funny way. This game is so easy to use that everyone can play it easily. Baamboozle, compared to some of the other simple quiz-based games available on the internet, is extremely simple. As a result, it distinguishes itself as a very user-friendly platform that functions well on even older devices, making it incredibly accessible.

What is Baamboozle?

Baamboozle is a game-based online learning platform that contains about half a million games you can use to teach your students if you are a teacher. This game offers a wide selection choice between built-in games, but there is another choice that you can make or insert your own game which you like to play most. In this way, the memory of the game increases day by day, and teachers can use more games to teach their students. With that teaching, the choice of adding more challenges to the game also increases.

Compatible Choice:

This game is not the best among other games like Quizlet, but it is pretty much polished due to its compatibility and easy usage. Moreover, this game has a free account variant in which there are plenty of games that you can play free right after you sign in to your account.

Used in Both Ways:

Baamboozle is also a good option for classroom and remote learning as your homework. Since it is a web-based game to play so, you can access this game from anywhere or anytime. As a teacher, you can choose a class quiz and assign that task to a group or individual student. This flexibility of this game makes it perfect for learning with fun.

How Does Baamboozle Game Work?

Utilizing Baamboozle is pretty easy for everyone who wants to use it. In fact, there is no need for initial registration, and you may start playing a game after only two or three clicks on the website. On the other hand, signing up with an account is necessary if you want more extensive access to services like assessment tools and creation capabilities.

Tour To Game Section:

When you enter the game section, you see some selective options like the following.

  • When you choose the “Play” option, you will right into several free game options, such as Four in A Row or Memory.
  • Another option that you can choose is “Study” this option will lead you to some options in the form of image tiles, and then you can choose the right or wrong from the tiles according to the quiz.
  • The “Slideshow” option has similar work to study, but it shows text and images to scroll down and choose some other quiz.
  • The “Edit” option lets you edit the quiz. If you configure some mistake in the question, you can edit it according to the need.

Teaming Option is Good:

After choosing the preferred option, you can make teams of your students, divide the class into two, or arrange one on one competition among students.

Score Tracker:

The baamboozle game has another great feature: the score tracker. When your students are busy playing games on it, this web-based game automatically keeps the record of the scores of all users. So, you don’t need to worry about tracking the score of your students if you also engage with your students in playing games.

Create Your Own Game:

Moreover, if you don’t like any game, then you can create your own game, but it requires some money and an email address to create an account and create your own game.

How to Search A Baamboozle Game?

On Baamboozle, other teachers and professionals can find numerous entertaining and educational games. You may look for these games using the website’s built-in search feature. Here is how to look for games on Baamboozle. At first, utilize the search box on the left sidebar after clicking Games on the website’s front page. You can find games using the alphabet, date, popularity, and language filters. To focus your search even further, you can use advanced filters.

Best Features Baamboozle Game Have:

As we know, this Baamboozle Game provides a means to learn while gratifying interactions. It is a helpful tool in the classroom and a potential remote learning helper. Since games may be edited, they need not be off-topic and can help kids stay interested for longer.

Big Bank of Question:

There is a big bank of questions you may choose from, and they are never in the same sequence. That is why each game is unique, and you may cover a variety of topics without making it boring for your students.

Time Limitation:

The use of time limitations is optional, which is advantageous in the classroom but may also be disabled for those students who might find the extra pressure to be challenging. If you wish to relieve some of the strain, you might give your students the chance to skip some questions.

Enough Variety For A Subject:

Each Baamboozle game offers you a maximum of 24 questions, allowing the users to have more than enough variety to investigate a subject while maintaining a time limit appropriate for schooling.

Premium Version of Baamboozle Game:

Baamboozle has a premium version for which you have to pay some money. This premium feature offers us four additional ways of learning while playing them. Those premium games are as follows:

Four In A Row:

Four in a Row is a multidimensional game style that offers students several intriguing features to keep them engaged in the game for a long time. When playing this game, your students will have to earn their tiles by providing accurate answers. If they don’t correctly answer a question, they don’t get their hands on a prized tile.


The memory mode of this game can significantly benefit your students by sharpening their attention and focus, which is excellent for improving their memory. The objective of this game is for students to “click through the numbered tiles to discover matching pairs, and each time a team discovers a correct pair, they will get some crucial points.

Tic Tac Toe:

Tic Tac Toe is a rapid game that lasts for a small amount of time but is very exciting and engaging to teach your students. This game allows the students only get to write a symbol onto the interactive grid when they correctly answer a question. That is why students’ attentiveness throughout the session pays off, and those students who have superior knowledge have a better chance of winning the game.


Bingo is a classic game that is pretty essential for long classroom tasks. Students can design their bingo cards and play alone, or they can play in a group as a competition with other students. They have the option of creating their cards from scratch or may use pre-made templates of the game.

How Much Does Baamboozle Game Cost?

At first, baamboozle is free of cost as of its free version but also has some subscription plans. Those plans are baamboozle+ yearly which costs you $59.98 USD. The other option is Baamboozle+ Monthly which costs you USD 7.99. Premium plans of this game offer you premium features, including premium game modes like Story Dice, Four in a Row, Memory, Bingo, and Tic Tac Toe. Moreover, you can have unlimited access to slideshows, power-ups, and many more features of this beautiful game.


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