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Shopping for new items for your home or yourself is a very amazing and interesting task to do especially for women of our nation. Some of them have a huge amount of money and some of them are not that wealthy, but you always look for deals on different items to save your money, but can’t find them properly. For that purpose, there is a tool that will help you in finding clearance items in all stores nearby you. That tool is known as Brickseek.

What is Brickseek?

This brickseek tool is specially designed for brick-and-mortar stores to find the prices and deals on the inventory of any particular shopping store around your area. With the help of this tool, you can find amazing deals on any of your desired products at the possible lowest price. But this company or tool works only in the stores of the whole United States like Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, or any store you want to see deals. The only thing you have to do is just enter your zip code and you will get access to amazing deals around you whenever you want.

What is Brickseek

How To Get It?

The inventory systems in these stores might fail to tell you the prices of your items due to any kind of system failure in other circumstances. In that case, brickseek is the only option to get the proper and exact prices of your items. The best practice is simply to call that store to get confirmation about the deal and then head out to get it. Simply download this application from Apple Store or Google Store on your mobile phone and it doesn’t matter wherever you are in the entire US you always get deals on your favorite items.

Brickseek History:

LEGO enthusiasts create this website with the intention of offering its users the greatest deals on goods. This website might be helpful to have inventory information when looking for uncommon things which are hard to find in physical stores. It may also be used to compare the costs of expensive things and to stay up to date on promotions. With all of this knowledge, you may get the ideal LEGO at the most affordable price. However, you should be aware that the inventory data on Brickseek is still incomplete, so keep an eye out for little inconsistencies and mistakes.

How to Use a Brickseek Inventory Checker?

Checking the inventory of any store of your choice is very easy with this tool. For example, if you want to see the inventory of Walmart stores near you. For that purpose, you have to follow some series of steps and then you will be capable of getting proper information.

Visit Brickseek Website:

The first step is to visit, on this website, you are capable of browsing several deals on the home page or you may search for any particular product that you are interested in buying.

Visit Brickseek Website


Enter Product Information:

To find a certain item, you need to know more about the items than just their names. You’ll need information, like the product’s UPC, SKU, and model number, to achieve the best results. To find the offers closest to their area, Brickseek also allows its customers to filter out items using their zip codes. After inputting the product details, select “check inventory” then Brickseek will provide you with the following details:

  • Prices and best offers for products.
  • Local retailers with the stock goods.
  • The number of stocks held in each store’s inventory.

How to Find SKU Number?

Finding the SKU number of any product is necessary to get the proper information about that product. Every store has its own method of finding the SKU number of the product. For example, if you are looking to find any product on Walmart, simply go to and search for that particular item and you can see that there is a group of six or eight digits at the end of the URL of that product. That group of digits is known as the SKU number of that product.

How to Find SKU Number

How to Find a UPC Number?

Getting the UPC could be more difficult, but it is achievable. The procedures to locate it on the Walmart website are as follows:

Step 1: Navigate to the item page on the Walmart website.

Step 2: On the item page, press CTRL + U and for MAC users, use (Command + Option + U) to go to the HTML source code.

Step 3: To access the word finder, press CTRL + F.

Step 4: In the search field, enter “UPC.”

Step 5: Continue clicking next on the finder until the real UPC number appears. Following the “UPC” letters which is a lengthy list of digits.

Steps to Check Walmart Inventory Using Brickseek:

  • The first step to get the inventory of Walmart is to head over to Brickseek’s Walmart Inventory Checker and enter your zip code with the product’s SKU number or UPC number and click on the check inventory button.
  • In the second step, you will be able to see all the prices of an item that you are looking for and also check whether that item is available in your nearest store or not. After that, you can decide whether to go there to get the product or not.

Walmart Inventory Checker

Steps to Check Target’s Inventory Using Brickseek:

To check the inventory of Target you still have to follow a series of steps.

  • First, visit Brickseek’s Target Inventory Checker and enter your zip code with the DPCI number or UPC number of the particular product.
  • After this, you can see the price and all details of your desired product and get information on the availability of that item.

Just like these steps you can find any product from any store which you like more than others and get amazing deals and save your money on them.

Target Inventory


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Benefits of Using Brickseek:

There are many benefits of using this application and some of them are as follows:

For E-commerce Owners:

Brickseek is a useful tool for e-commerce owners to find out what is on offer in nearby brick-and-mortar stores. If you are an e-commerce store owner, you may use this opportunity to get the greatest offers and compare costs in your neighborhood. If you have the right connections, you may also find the most sought-after things at the neighborhood shops. Brickseek is a fantastic choice if you’re intending to build up an e-commerce website.

Great For Consumers:

For customers, brickseek is a fantastic website. It offers details on a variety of goods, from furniture to toys, as well as the greatest pricing and stock levels. You may also use it to look for things that are presently out of stock in shops. This is a very useful tool because it wishes to offer lists of goods to the broadest customer base by having an online presence.

Online Stock Alert:

By using the online stock alert service from brickseek you can receive updates when hard-to-find products become available nearby. To access this tool, you need to first log in. As more individuals than you may think to engage in retail arbitrage, by using this service you will save a ton of time and it provides you with a significant competitor’s advantage in your business.

The Markdown:

While reading Brickseek, you’ll come across the phrase “Markdown.” If you’re wondering what it indicates, we are here to teach you about it. Markdown simply refers to a product’s depreciation. When a product does not sell at the previously anticipated selling price, devaluation occurs. The stock may need to be discounted in order for the seller to get rid of it. Now if you want to get this information precisely you must own a premium account of Brickseek, only this premium account can inform you about markdowns at your neighborhood retailers. You won’t get that information by free account.

Discover Hidden Inventories:

One benefit of utilizing this tool is learning about hidden inventories at nearby retailers. It’s possible that some employees are unaware of some products that are offered by their company. This service may display the final four digits of a product’s barcode, which retailers scan while stocking and selling products online. This tool can also discover what is popular elsewhere and check to see whether something is on sale near you. Instead of taking your time to visit every store, all this information might assist you to choose where to go first.

Time Saver:

This brickseek tool is capable of doing all the work for you with the help of its inventory checker tool. In only a few clicks, you can uncover all the retailers providing the best discounts. Additionally, you may check to see whether the items you’re looking for are in stock which makes it a great time saver.

Money Saver:

Brickseek is also cost-effective which helps you in saving a lot of money. For that purpose, it can display the top offers on every item. Additionally, driving to and from each business might save you money. Whether you’re a consumer or a business, these two factors are frequently sufficient to make this tool a part of your toolkit.

Changes in Stock:

Its capability to assist customers in comparing pricing at various places and retailers is another great feature. These changes are precisely what enable individuals to look for the finest offers in the best places. Additionally, those who use Brickseek for retail arbitrage might benefit from this function as it can aid in a more precise pricing setting.

Pricing Plans Offered By Brickseek:

Brickseek tool comes with three tiers of pricing plans and it is your choice to choose one according to your usage. These plans are as follows:

Basic Membership:

There is no cost associated with this plan. It is totally free, forever! You will only receive one local inventory alert from this plan. Only a few times each week updates are made to the alert. You may also use it to check the inventories in your neighborhood stores but you won’t receive store-specific markdowns.

Premium Membership:

You have to pay $9.99 a month for this plan. Five local inventory notifications will be sent to you, and each alert is updated daily. Additionally, you will be able to examine price history, view up to two store results, and check local inventories. Additionally, you will get access to the members-only section where you may browse 75 Markdowns daily and 100 popular searches, as well as markdowns by the shop. Additionally, you will get access to a premium dashboard and premium forums in addition to being able to view a site without ads.

Extreme Membership:

The $29.99/month Extreme plan offers 50 local inventory notifications updated twice daily. Additionally, you will have access to price data, 4x store results, and the ability to do local inventory checks. You will have the option to add products to your shopping list and hide them from your feed. 200 popular searches, 150 “Daily Markdowns,” store-specific markdowns, local markdowns feed, and online markdowns are all available to extreme members. Naturally, you will have access to ad-free content as well as a premium dashboard and several premium communities.


If you want to save some dollars, brickseek is a great platform. When you use their premium memberships and you are a frequent buyer, you may save a lot of money, especially during the holiday season when you want to upgrade your home or give gifts to your children. These price savings certainly justify purchasing a premium plan. We’ll advise you to choose the Premium Subscription if you’re thinking about paying for a membership because you always have the option to upgrade to the Extreme plan if it works out well for you.

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