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70% of customer purchase decisions rely on how they are being treated. Evidently, the role of call center agents has become crucial in the revenue generation of businesses. They are responsible for interacting with customers, answering their queries, and providing solutions to their problems. With a shift in customer expectations, it has become crucial for agents to be versatile, flexible, and resourceful. Leveraging the advanced features of call center software, agents can handle multiple calls at a time, track customer interactions, and gather relevant data to improve their performance. It helps agents in providing a better customer experience, which is essential for every business.

To achieve greater results, call center agents should be skilled in communication, customer service, and problem-solving. They should be able to handle difficult situations with tact and diplomacy and have the ability to build rapport with customers.

What does a successful call center agent look like?

A successful call center agent is someone who is able to handle customer interactions effectively and provide a positive experience. They should be able to communicate clearly and listen attentively to the needs of the customer. A call center agent can be considered successful when they are skilled in problem-solving and able to find workable solutions to customer issues in a timely manner.

In addition to these soft skills, a successful call center agent should also possess strong interpersonal skills. They must have a friendly and professional demeanor. Overall, a successful call center agent is able to provide excellent customer service and contribute to the success of the business.

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Top 7 qualities of successful call center agents

Call center agents have a challenging job that requires them to both satisfy customers and achieve business goals. Each call presents a unique set of circumstances that agents must handle with a wide range of skills. When hiring for this role, it is important to look for individuals who possess the following call center agent qualities:

  • Effective communication

Effective communication skill is a call center agent quality that cannot be compromised at any point. It includes both strong verbal skills and the ability to actively listen to customers and understand their needs. To assess a candidate’s communication abilities, you can conduct an interview and consider setting up a role-playing exercise. 

78% of consumers believe that a competent service agent is the key to a positive experience. Therefore, it is important to prioritize communication skills when hiring call center agents. Businesses can also utilize the call recording feature to enhance the communication skills of the agents. The call records provide agents with an understanding of tonality, tactics, and approaches to customer concerns. It also helps them in developing communication skills to deliver winning sales pitches.

  • Knowledge retention

Call center agents are responsible for providing essential support to customers. To do this, they must be able to learn and retain a significant amount of information about the company, including the products or services offered and the brand’s philosophy. It is important for agents to know when they are unable to resolve an issue and how to properly transfer the call to someone who can help. As they gain more experience, they should be able to quickly recall answers to frequently asked questions and efficiently troubleshoot. A lack of knowledge can negatively impact the quality of customer service provided. Using an IVR system or chatbots can be considered a quick fix. However, it is imperative for agents to know the essential information about the company to guide customers.

While company details must be memorized and recalled as and when needed, call center agents also need to retain customer information. Indeed, it seems a complex task for them, and here’s where call center software comes to their aid. Through CRM integration, agents gain access to customer information, such as previous communication, prior purchases, etc. Such insights help agents to serve customers more efficiently. 

  • Calmness under pressure

The ability to remain calm and emotionally stable under pressure is a key quality for successful call center agents. These individuals are often faced with difficult or irate customers on a daily basis and must respond with patience. Great listening skills are also important, as it is essential that agents actively participate in the conversation while remaining detached and not taking things personally. This allows them to properly address the needs and concerns of the customer. Not everyone is suited to work in customer service, as it requires a unique combination of emotional stability and communication skills. However, for those who possess these qualities, it can be a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Agents become more productive and acquire the above-said quality when they are not burdened with long work hours. Businesses can leverage workflow automation through call center software to free up the agents from performing repetitive tasks. Moreover, when businesses integrate IVR systems, they can provide agents with some relaxation as they can only focus on solving complex issues. 

  • Critical thinking

Critical thinking is an important call center quality that must be possessed to deliver top-notch customer service. When agents are creative enough, they come up with effective solutions to problems and meet the needs of both the company and the customer. While scripts can be useful for handling common issues, they can limit an agent’s ability to efficiently address unusual queries or requests. This can lead to delays and negatively impact customer satisfaction. 

To assess a candidate’s problem-solving abilities, you can contact their previous employers for feedback. It is important for call center agents to be able to effectively handle any problem that arises in order to improve customer satisfaction and support the success of the company. Critical thinking can also be enhanced when managers are able to provide them with quick feedback utilizing the real-time call monitoring feature of call center software. It provides them with live learning as managers may intervene during the call and also safeguards them from missing opportunities.

  • Empathy

A successful call center agent should demonstrate genuine interest and empathy when interacting with customers. As the face of the company, they should radiate warmth and understanding towards customers when they are explaining their issues. This can help to establish long-lasting customer relationships and improve the effectiveness of addressing customer issues. While empathy is an internal factor, agents can evaluate the customer’s emotions through sentiment analytics. Moreover, call center software provides agents with predictive analytics to understand the common trends of customer behavior and be prepared to respond accordingly.

  • Speed

In the customer service industry, speed is a crucial factor. A competent call center agent must be able to handle calls and tasks quickly and efficiently, with prompt responses and follow-up actions. They should also have the ability to make critical decisions and know when it is necessary to escalate an issue. The average speed of answering, first call resolution (FCR) rate, and average handling time are some of the important metrics used to determine the speed and efficiency of call center agents. Analyzing agent performance based on these metrics becomes seamless with call center data analytics.

The speed and efficiency can be elevated using specific call center software features. For instance, the auto-dialer feature eliminates time wasted on manual dialing or wrong number dialing. It speeds up outbound calling for agents. Similarly, skill-based routing enhances FCR as agents with the right skill sets resolve queries at a faster pace.

  • Organization ability

Call center agents must possess strong organizational skills to thrive in a busy work environment. They must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, including taking notes, accessing the company knowledge base, and updating the customer relationship management system. Call center software supports this skill by automating tasks like contact management, follow-up scheduling, and more. 

The organizational skills of agents become vital when a business offers customer support through multiple channels such as email, social media messaging, voicemail, etc. One of the smartest ways to streamline multi-channel communication is investing in omnichannel call center software. It integrates all the channels to provide agents access through a unified platform. This empowers call center agents to manage interaction through different channels and also ensures consistent service quality.

Make your call center agents more productive with the right technology

Businesses can achieve their maximum growth potential when they can blend the right human resource with the most suitable technological aid. By pairing call center agent qualities with the right call center technology, businesses can further enhance the performance of their agents and maximize the efficiency of call center operations. Call center software enables agents to handle multiple calls at a time, track customer interactions, and gather relevant data to improve their performance. This enables them to provide a better customer service experience.

Call center software can also provide a range of advanced features and resources to support the work of call center agents. This might include access to a knowledge base, training materials, and integration with customer relationship management systems. By leveraging the full capabilities of call center software, businesses can empower their agents to deliver exceptional customer service and drive revenue growth. HoduCC is a leading omnichannel call center software that you must look into if you desire to drive similar results. Its robust features cater to empowering all the call center agent qualities for helping your agents to outperform themselves. 

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