How Do I Make Sure My Smartphone is Safe to Sell?


Everyone has a pattern of selling phones once it gets old. However, some points are to be noted before taking any steps. It is not necessary that which cell phone we give away to someone new. We often select strangers or third-party applications. In such cases, We must make sure that all the data on the mobile phone is erased before being handed over to someone else. 

A phone is just like a locker where we store anything related to work and also anything related to our personal life. Anything such as photos, videos, audio, contacts, or many other documents is stored on it. That is why it is important to erase the data when we give it away. Also finding a genuine source is important as even if you forget any of the data then they must be responsible enough to format it 

There is no harm in selling your old phone, but there are some steps to consider before proceeding with this process. 

While we are using smartphones, we store a lot of data relating to our personal and work life. It is confidential information and it should not be accessed by others. If you sell your old phone, you have to remember that you will have to give up your phone completely, so you will lose all this data if you don’t back it up.

These are some of the steps you need to keep in mind before you sell your phone to someone 

  • Back up the data 

Backing up the mobile device and all the data on it is necessary as we have so many things stored on our mobile phones. All of this data includes photos, videos, or any other document that might be a memory to us. Most importantly, files or information that are money-related like banking applications.

We do not want to lose them while We sell old phones. However, you also do not want it to be seen by any random person who gets access to your mobile phone. Backing up is necessary as you won’t be able to do that once you format the phone.

  • Erase/format the phone 

Erasing your phone is the most mandatory step that one person must take before they give it away. The data on our mobile phones is private and confidential. Not every person must have access to it. That is why erasing or formatting the mobile phone is the best step you can take before giving it away.

Any data left on a mobile phone can be accessed by anyone else as all the locks or passcode from your phone is removed when you give it to someone else. However, the data is of no use to other people rather than you. To make sure it’s safe and secure, you must factory reset your device before giving it away. That is why the first point about backing up data is always important as once you erase the data without backing it up you will never be able to retrieve it back.

  • Delete and forget password before removing the applications 

All the applications on your device can be having details about you. Whether it is a Social more application or any other banking application. You must make sure that you log out and remove your accounts from the applications. Once you have decided to sell your old device. 

This will be helpful as there can be a risk that even if you delete the application and download it once again on your mobile phone, someone else kills Year access to it. Your password may be saved on your device which can be a risk. Another thing to do is change your password once you have given me your old phone. 

  • Remove Sim cards or memory cards from the phone 

Sim card and memory card, while a lot of information about all contacts and other things. Sim cards are something that you have to insert from outside and that is why You must keep in mind to remove them as well. Not everyone has a microSD card that they put on their phone, but everybody surely has at least one Sim card. With Sim cards, becoming or turning to electronic Sim so easily, it is becoming easier. However, we have not given up on the physical Sim cards yet. That is why it is a great reminder for you to remove your Sim card, and keep it to yourself.

  • find a genuine place to sell your old phone 

This is another important step if you want to get a great deal for your phone. Finding the right place the perfect place to sell your old phone can be a task. However, this is also important for the safety and security of your device. You have to make sure that you are selling it from a genuine source so that you get a genuine deal. One such verified website is Quick mobile. in 

All about quick mobile service 

Quick mobile is a service for buying and selling used phones. It can all happen anywhere across the nation if it’s a metropolitan city. If you are under the regions of operation by Quick mobile. 

You will not be charged anything extra for the pickup and drop off the device. You can reach out to Quick mobile from its official website and exports will guide you throughout the process. 

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