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Social media applications are a great source of connecting with different people every day throughout the world. After connecting with them, you can talk and share anything with each other, creating a perfect and strong bond between you and other people. There are a lot of social media applications, and one of them that is my all-time favorite is known as Instagram. Many celebrities share their photos, videos, and other things on this platform; sometimes, you like them so much and want to keep them.

But Instagram never lets you download any video or photo from their application. For that purpose, we are here today and bring an anonymous way to download any photo or video from Instagram. That way, by using an online platform named ImginnSo, this online tool always allows you to view any stuff on Instagram, and then you can also download it. The best part is no account holder gets notified while taking their videos or other stuff from their account.

So, let’s take a look at each angle of this fantastic platform and get proper knowledge about the usage of this tool to download amazing stuff.

What is Imginn?

There is a tool about which you are unaware that you can get this tool known as Imginn from Google Play or the Apple Store. In fact, It is a website, not an application, which runs discreetly. It is thus not difficult to install this program on a laptop or mobile device. You only need to visit the Imginn website to obtain this. On the other hand, Imginn Instagram is a feature of this tool that provides you with a solution by letting you visit Instagram without creating an account.

Another Name for Imginn:

You can watch Instagram stories anonymously with this Imginn tool. It is frequently handy to have an Instagram profile if you wish to go through influencers’ posts and updates. The host of that account can see who has seen their profile and how frequently, which seems terrible. Nevertheless, now you can utilize imginn to read the stories and track the account of your favorite personality without getting into the account admin’s eyes. Numerous people adore this function and call this fantastic tool an “anonymous Instagram story watcher.”

Why Do You Need Instagram?

Many consumers want to save images and videos to share with friends or share them with other websites. Influencers’ Instagram posts cannot be preserved on your device. However, the post may be saved on Instagram, but that isn’t a good option. Instagram images and videos can’t be directly downloaded to a phone. The majority of people share screenshots instead of links. However, videos must still include links. A download option may be available to make things simpler for customers. In the present world, there must be a solution to download content from Instagram using a variety of applications, and that solution is using Imginn Instagram.


How to Use Imginn?

To use this online tool, you need to follow some steps, and after that, you can download stuff from Instagram without hesitation. Let’s examine those steps now in the following.

Create An Account:

You should first create an Imginn account. A brief enrollment procedure will allow you to access Instagram stories immediately. You don’t have to worry about possessing any special knowledge or skills to create your record. Begin by providing an email address; that email does not have to be professional. Then use any password according to the conditions and, at last, verify your credentials by providing a phone number and then enjoy downloading.

To Your Account:

Click the Login button and enter the password you choose when creating your new Imginn profile to access your new account. If your Login doesn’t work during your initial tries, remove any freebies from your software and give it another shot. Remember that once you sign in to our Imginn site on a smartphone or tablet, all subsequent logins will be simple and won’t require going through another information exchange procedure. Thus, it is a much better time than ever to use our Imginn’s services.

Find Your Video:

After entering the account and providing all the details, you can download any video. You can’t use it through web browsers yet, so you need a device nearby that already has an installed version of Instagram since Imagine needs access to your phone’s storage to keep video recordings. So, once you find your desired video, that video will be available to download.

Preview and Download Video:

After creating it, it would be best if you verified your gross overestimation to make sure it meets your standards. You may update a post after it has been approved, then you can visit the Tumblr account dashboard and choose Settings to View Post. Before any posts with these labels under the Choose Tags area go live on Tumblr, You will immediately check them on your Dashboard. Use the Save Changes button to save your changes. You can make any required adjustments using this selection before it has been made public.

Preview Download Video

Use Email To Send Videos:

Use the techniques listed below to email recordings: Find the camera icon on your smartphone and click it. Watch the video. Choose the video’s length. You preferred stock choices. Could you share it on your Facebook account? A video was sent by you using email. Include a link in your Twitter profile if you use it. You can choose the length of time you wish to be shown. You may add a connection to your WhatsApp profile by putting it there. Save it! Start WhatsApp. Post it! These methods may send recordings over the network without first being downloaded.

Good Thing to Know About Imginn:

What we appreciate about Imginn is this:

  • Without having an account, you may access Instagram.
  • You may download all postings, including pictures and videos.
  • You may browse and download the profiles of other user accounts and your own.
  • You can browse secretly, and no one will be aware of downloading.
  • You can download a bunch of Instagram files by using a separate menu.
  • There is no-ads interruption by which you can quickly complete the download process.
  • In Imagine, a wide range of topics, including audio and visual materials, are offered to download.

You can download any Instagram stories, images, videos, and avatars.

Bad Things to Know About Imginn:

If anything is good about it, then there must be anything that might be bad about it, just like in the case of this imginn.

  • At first, Imginn cannot process posts and videos from private accounts because it cannot monitor private accounts.
  • Second, users cannot view the number of views or likes for individual postings via this tool.
  • Third, because this web-based tool lacks privacy noticesor copyright issues, there might be a danger related to privacy concerns and hacking.

How to Delete an Instagram Account?

In addition to these positive or negative aspects, users can ask Imginn to cancel or remove their account if they want to.

You must follow the following actions to achieve that goal:

  • Click “Remove Account” at the bottom area.
  • It would be best if you used your Instagram profile’s URL.
  • Afterward, type in your email address.
  • At last, click the Submit button.

This procedure will take a few days to finish, and your selected account will be removed.

Procedure to Download Videos Imginn Instagram:

You may use the free app Imginn to view the influencers’ profiles without going into your Instagram account. Users using this program may access their Instagram accounts and public material using a confidential password. The consumer will never know who downloaded and accessed their profile.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for using Imginn to download Instagram videos:

  • Find the pursue bar on the page. Then click the inquiry button after entering the client’s profile name.
  • A similar profile will be shown in breakdown style when a profile fits your Imginn Instagram search keywords.
  • Click to open that profile when you finally find the one you were looking for.
  • The Instagram-like grid interface of the Imginn downloading gadget now features tons of new video and photo material.
  • You may view the image by touching it and heading to the download page.
  • A download button is located at the base of the video.
  • Click download to start the file’s download.
  • The length of the download procedure will depend on its size.
  • Therefore, you must have to wait until the download is complete.
  • At last, after a successful download, that file will be accessible on your device.

Is It Safe To Use This Imginn Tool?

As mentioned above, this tool uses anonymous ways to download items from Instagram. A question might be raised: is it safe to use this tool for downloading videos from Instagram or stalking someone’s account? As per the explanation on the imginn website, this service is confidential for the secret downloading social media material. Users also don’t have to provide personal information like passwords or contact details, which is beneficial for security and maintaining anonymity for valid backup needs.

However, users may go one step further to increase their anonymity level while downloading tools like Imginn. The most straightforward approach to accessing the tool is by using a reliable VPN provider. When utilizing an Imginn online tool or just browsing the internet in general, VPN services provide other advantages besides privacy.

Those advantages are as follows:

Threat Protection:

Many VPN service providers include tools that automatically analyze web pages for dangers and scan files for malware before downloading. This is particularly beneficial when utilizing tools for internet downloads.

Ad Blocking:

VPN services frequently include add-ons and browser extensions to prevent the most aggressive types of advertising, such as pop-up ads. The majority of adverts on popular social networking platforms are not often disabled.

Geographic Location Change:

The functionality allows users to select the region of the IP address they want to use to access a particular website. Additionally, it might promote privacy.

Top Alternatives of Imginn:

If you frequently use this website for downloading content, then it may be possible that the website will go down or stop working. In that case, you might need an alternative that provides you with the same features as imginn.

Here we short-list some top-of-the-line alternatives of imginn tools you also like after using.


This tool is the same as the imginn tool that allows anonymous browsing for downloading videos, images, and other content. Moreover, it provides a hashtag-searching feature that is suitable for users.


This is also the same as the imginn Instagram, but it requires some time from the user to complete the resulting search, and for that, at least 30 seconds are required. You may also watch and download deleted posts and videos.



This tool can be used for both Instagram and Tik Tok videos with additional benefits like batch downloading or individual one also. Moreover, you can set an automatic downloading feature on this tool to get maximum benefit.



In conclusion, these kinds of download services for social media accounts may be pretty helpful for all users. Still, the condition is that they use these services correctly and through the legitimate channels offered by the platforms. So, never do anything that will lead you toward disaster. If you like this guide, you must visit our website, Tech Gossip Daily, for more awesome content.

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