MacBook Air 11 Inch: The Best Choice for Professionals


The MacBook air 11 inch is the best replacement for those professionals who want to replace their old computers or laptop with a much lighter and faster version of the laptop. This laptop is known for its ultra-portability, making it the best choice for everyone, whether a student, teacher or business professional. Apple had made some replacements and tradeoffs while manufacturing this laptop to make it slimmer and lighter.

Due to all these features, this device is considered the best to invest your money in to get all benefits in one place. Doing that ensures you are protected from travel difficulties while using this MacBook air 11-inch. In this guide, we will see some essential features of this laptop and learn why this laptop is the first excellent option for people seeking ever.

Overview of Macbook Air 11 Inch

Apple produces a notebook computer called the MacBook air 11 inches. Its slim and lightweight design makes it ideal for anyone who requires a portable computer. Generally, there are two sizes of the MacBook that are present such as MacBook Air 11 inches and 13 inches. The MacBook Air 11-inch is the most affordable model in the collection, starting at USD 999 for its 128GB storage variant. But unlike the other variants, this size lacks USB Type C connectors and a lighted keyboard. You will need to upgrade your MacBook Air or get a brand-new MacBook Pro to get these capabilities.

However, there are some chances that some consumers won’t be satisfied with the fewer updates in this variant. They should also consider updating their MacBook Air because they will exhaust their energy before significant software releases. On the other hand, the absence of a CD/DVD drive in the MacBook Air is yet another drawback. This implies that you can install apps on your laptop with an external disc. Therefore, this can be a fantastic choice if you want to use this laptop primarily for downloading apps or movies.

Overview of Macbook Air 11 Inch

The Keyboard of MacBook Air 11 Inch

If you are already a MacBook pro user, then we will tell you how you will feel after using the small and congested keyboard and trackpad of this MacBook. However, once you begin using it, you will feel comfortable and impressed after a few days. The trackpad is quite snappy, and the keyboard is enjoyable for typing any text. Additionally, it is astonishing how everything fits in such a tiny space. This Macbook Air 11-inch has proven to be the ideal device for everyone, whether traveling or attending business meetings.

It is strong enough and must be able to endure whatever force you may apply while being light enough to prevent you from feeling burdened down and heavy. If you’re looking for a new laptop in the market, this one is worth a look at. Finding cases that will suit a little gadget well is a disadvantage. Most internet covers are made to fit devices other than MacBook Air 11s, such as iPads or Apple computers. Finding a case that Apple created might be pretty tricky. However, there are still some excellent choices from independent businesses and cheap coverings from reputable providers.

Protection Cases

Finding the ideal case for your Apple MacBook Air 11-inch is possible with various alternatives. You want something that will shield your gadget from dents, scratches, and normal wear and tear. But knowing where to begin with so many options might take time and effort. Some 11-inch Macbook Air covers protect without sacrificing design. With patent-pending hinges enabling 180 degrees of viewing angles in both portrait and landscape modes, the Brydge G-Type protective case has a modern appearance.

Additionally, it features precisely engineered keyboard structures that ensure that neither typing accuracy nor speed will be disturbed. The Sugar White Sleeve Case from Grifiti is another excellent choice. It is constructed of neoprene and will offer you total peace of mind knowing that your MacBook will always be secured no matter what you do. It also contains three zippered compartments for storing tiny accessories like flash drives, headphones, or wires.

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This MacBook air 11 inch also has the same durable yet lightweight chassis machined with solid aluminum as its predecessors. However, it has only a 16:9 widescreen display in the lineup, and the 11.6-inch TN LCD screen sets it apart from all other Mac computers and displays. All previous Macs produced over the preceding nine years have featured a 16:10 aspect ratio, as that design is better adaptable for work and play.

Moreover, this MacBook had a Samsung display, which performed quite similarly to the LG/Philips screen. However, the Datacolor colorimeter estimates the color gamut as just 40 percent sRGB and 30 percent AdobeRGB.


We discovered a just-better contrast ratio of 440:1. The average Delta E number was 5.4, which is somewhat less than and superior to the 5.9 Delta E we observed on the 13-inch version. Color accuracy was the same. Compared to Retina screens on more expensive Macs, it could be a more remarkable display. Still, the crucial contrast-ratio numbers are miles ahead of low-budget Windows laptop displays, which sometimes have ratios of 100:1 or lower.


The most crucial factor for the MacBook air 11 inches is its thickness. The thickness that 11 inch MacBook Air has a maximum thickness of just 0.68 inches or 17.27 mm. Compared to the 12-inch MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Air, it is almost a whole millimeter slimmer. Furthermore, it is slimmer than the iPad Pro.


Regarding computers, weight is also essential. The 11-inch MacBook Air, for instance, weighs 2.38 pounds or 1.08 kg. Compared to the 12-inch MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Air, that is almost a full pound lighter. This MacBook Air offers excellent mobility for such a little laptop, even if it may not be as thin or light as Apple’s newest MacBooks.

Build Quality

Another feature distinguishing this laptop from the rest of Apple’s portfolio is its build quality. Most other MacBooks are made of aluminum, whereas the entire gadget is made of one piece of metal, which also houses all of its internal components. Unfortunately, these gadgets are only available in the color in which Apple creates its laptop. However, silver and space grey variants are available for the MacBook air 11-inch casing, each of which has benefits and drawbacks.

Performance of Laptop

A 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-5250U CPU with integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000 powers the machine. The Handbrake test took 2 minutes and 49 seconds, while our Adobe Photoshop CS6 test took 5 minutes and 13 seconds. Both results are quicker than the Lenovo Yoga 3 14 and the Dell XPS 13 Touch. The Acer Aspire S7-393-7451 and the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 Special Edition Laptop (7352) were systems with Intel Core i7 CPUs, and they performed predictably better in our testing. The Apple MacBook, which completed the Handbrake test at 3:39 and the Photoshop CS6 test at 6:24, was much slower than the MacBook Air.

On our rundown test, the 38-watt battery in the MacBook Air 11-inch lasted 11 hours and 33 minutes. Although significantly shorter than the incredible 17:36 of the 13-inch MacBook Air and its bigger 54-watt battery. The Air should last the duration of a cross-country journey and still have juice left over for a subsequent work session.

Battery Life

The Early 2015 MacBook Air 11-inch model has the same battery capacity as the 2013 and 2014 models, which is 38.75 Wh from a battery made up of lithium-polymer packs.

However, although the new 13-inch model didn’t demonstrate any appreciable differences, the longevity of our 11-inch sample easily outlasted that of its predecessor. In our battery endurance test last year, we recorded 10 hours and 11 minutes while streaming an HD movie wirelessly. This year, the new 11-inch looped for 13 hours and 28 minutes, which was longer than anticipated given the anticipated improvements from the Broadwell CPU.

Security Features

The MacBook Air 11-inch is comparable to other laptops in terms of security. To unlock your device and make purchases, you may utilize Touch ID, which features an integrated fingerprint sensor. If you need to protect your laptop physically, you may use the Kensington lock slot. The security features in macOS help protect your data in several ways, just like malware protection provided by Gatekeeper and FileVault encryption. The MacBook Air 11-inch is a safe gadget in general. Despite that, you shouldn’t depend only on its security features.

In light of this, we advise purchasing a MacBook Air 11-inch case to safeguard your purchase. Consider a protective cover with a fingerprint reader and Face ID if you’re searching for the best method to secure your new Apple MacBook 11. The first reason is that not all devices can use Face IDs or fingerprint sensors. Second, if you forget your passcode on an iPhone Xs Max or any other smartphone that uses face recognition instead of a password, the only other option in such a situation is to wait until it unlocks. You may manually use Touch ID or a PIN to unlock your Macbook Air.

Third, suppose someone steals your MacBook. Your private information, including social media profiles and financial details, will be accessible to that thief. Less likely is it that they will be able to uncover anything valuable if they can’t unlock your MacBook because it needs a fingerprint or facial scan. Fourth and lastly, even if technology eventually eliminates the need for passwords, utilizing Touch ID and Face ID is still a safer alternative than doing nothing.

Price of MacBook

There are two off-the-shelf variants of the 11-inch MacBook Air, with the allocation of flash storage being the sole difference between them. In the following, the prices of both variants are mentioned so that you may view them and purchase them according to your choice.

So, the MacBook Air 11 inch costs £749 with a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 CPU with 3MB shared L3 cache, 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 RAM, and 128GB of PCIe-based flash storage.

On the other hand, The MacBook Air 11 inch costs £899 with a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 CPU with 3MB shared L3 cache, 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 RAM, and 256GB of PCIe-based flash storage.


So, these are some of the best features of the Apple MacBook Air 11 inch, as it is among the tiniest ultraportable notebooks available in the market. Thanks to its potent Intel Core i5 CPU and excellent battery life, which continues to outperform competitors with Core-M processors. If you are considering replacing a Windows ultraportable or MacBook Air three years old or older, consider purchasing one.

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