Why Does Your Online Store Need Background-Free Images?

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Images play a crucial role in eCommerce. They help consumers make informed decisions. If you are in an eCommerce business high-quality attractive pictures will be a prerequisite for customer acquisition. Moreover, what you depict in the images is of equal importance. Any picture that shows irrelevant objects, is shiny or uncomfortable to the eyes, will hamper your chances of converting leads into sales. Therefore background plays a key role in changing the impact of eCommerce pictures. Photo cutout companies can assist in editing product images for the perfect backgrounds. Let’s discuss how background removal affects your eCommerce business.

6 Reasons to Remove Background

You might have come across the requirement to upload white background images, but are still unaware of the causes that lead to this conclusion. So let’s first discuss why your eCommerce product images should have a clear background.

  • To Remove Unwanted Objects

Sometimes your product photos include objects like stands, hanging equipment, mannequins, frames, etc. Particularly for apparel items, cosmetics and gadgets. For such images, background removal gives an enhanced view. Removing objects like hanging wires or mannequins is necessary to give a professional look. 

  • To Create an Attractive Picture

Images with shiny backgrounds may or may not suit everyone. People have different choices and different appeals. In such a case removing the background will set a standard and make the image attractive. As you remove the background and replace it with a plain or white background, the doubtful section is no more present in the picture. There are higher chances that your prospective consumer will find the image attractive.

  • It Reduces Stress on the Eyes

The more objects in a picture, the more stress on the eyes. Photos with a plain or white background are more soothing to the eyes. This is the reason major eCommerce platforms have set guidelines regarding background. Amazon asks its sellers to use a white background for the main image. Consumers want to have a clear look at the products, and backgrounds create confusion, as a result, customers have to put extra pressure on their eyes to observe the product properly. Image cutout services can assist you in portraying your products as desired.

  • It Brings Focus to The Product

Photo cutout services are the best method to ensure that customers focus on the product. Unwanted objects divert consumers’ attention, this makes them ignore even the best features. In this case, shiny or gripping backgrounds are worse. You do not want the buyers to focus on anything other than the product itself, so clear backgrounds can help achieve this goal.

  • To Highlight the Product’s Features

Another reason to opt for a photo cutout company is to highlight the product’s features. For instance, if your product comes up with a foldable stand it won’t be visible properly with a colorful background. For similar cases, a white or clear background will protrude the features that otherwise remain unnoticed.

  • To Instigate Buyer’s Imagination

A clear background also has a psychological impact. It grips the customer’s imagination with the product. In absence of any other object, the buyers can imagine how the product would feel, how they will use it, or what difference it can bring to daily life usage. When a picture helps the buyer imagine the product, it assists in making an informed choice.

Benefits of Removing Background From Images

Some of the advantageous effects of using cutout images can be described as follows.

  • It Helps Reuse Images

Removing the background will help you optimize the photos for any format. Many eCommerce site owners use product pictures in digital ads, email marketing campaigns, or personalized promotional graphics. Image cutout services help in such reuse of pictures in  various outreach campaigns, or other marketing and sales operations. Reusing will help you save costs, time, and effort for fresh photo shoots.

  • It Helps an Informed Choice

Removing background from your images improves your conversion rate. You must be wondering how it is possible, it is a kind of reciprocal effect that can be measured through an increase in sales from leads. Engaging photo cutout services help maintain alignment and consistency across your platforms like eCommerce online stores, websites, ads, etc. You facilitate customers by reducing strain on their eyes, omitting annoying distractions, and providing a clear vision of your products. This will help your website visitors focus on the product features, call-to-action buttons, or core services, increasing sales conversions.

  • It Instills Trust

Using plain background enables you to improve the visual impact of your product photos. In eCommerce, the images should convey a positive and professional first impression. Images that communicate the correct message on the product’s usefulness, gain more attention and create a better impact by building trust amongst consumers. You can instill this trust amongst prospective customers by engaging photo cutout companies.

How to Remove Background

Many tools and techniques are available for basic background removal. This often confuses beginners. The following methods can help you start with background removal:

  • Image Cut-Out

In this method, you remove the background after cutting the subject out from the image. Now, as per requirement, you can insert white background or plain or any relevant appealing image. It is an easier method for beginners who want to edit website pictures. However, if your goal is creating an eCommerce product portfolio you need a clearly carved-out subject, this method might leave marks on the picture. For this, you can outsource photo cutout services and get expert assistance.

  • Background Erasing

It is another easy background removal method, but it is not very effective for professional usage. It can be used with simple images. Here you use photoshop’s background eraser tool. It deletes background pixels. But, this tool can be used in a limited capacity, with only plain color backgrounds. Another limitation can be the stray pixels that are left behind once you erase the background. So, if you are removing background from complex images, or when you want a professional output this method cannot help.

  • Image Clipping Path

In this method, you can use photoshop’s pen tool to draw a clipping path around the subject. Here you need to pay close attention to include the subject’s all edges inside the path, anything that falls outside will get eliminated. To ensure this, zoom in on the image and then mark the edges inside the path. This method is preferred for pictures whose subject has sharp or straight edges. This technique is a bit complex, as it is not that easy to mark a perfect clipping path.

  • Image Masking

This method can be used with complex images that have fine edges, like furs or frills. Such edges cannot be clipped properly using normal techniques. There are many image masking methods like complex layer masking, alpha channel masking, translucent masking, transparent masking, and collage masking.  These methods involve using photoshop tools like a Pen tablet, magic eraser, background eraser, etc.


Background removal is not a complex process, but it requires skills to use it for eCommerce. Moreover, depending on your image requirement the background removal technique may differ. You need to practice various methods and use them as per the nature of the image that you are editing. For complex images, you will need expert help.

By outsourcing photo cutout services you will achieve the correct output that will grip the prospect’s attention. A skilled and experienced editor will be eligible to turn your images into a potential sales pitch. It will be cost-effective and of high-quality standards. You can also hire a cutouts company in India to leverage labor cost margins.

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