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Are you a newcomer to podcasting and don’t know how to do it? Moreover, do you need a safe and secure hosting platform for that podcast? Then you are at the right place. For an influential podcast, you need a platform that provides you with everything you need, like a user-friendly interface with simple analytics, monetization options, excellent stats, and other features for an awesome podcast. The Buzzsprout Podcast is a hosting platform that always offers you fair pricing with all the necessary features.

After this platform is released to the public in about 12 years, new features are regularly added to make it an all-rounder. This platform is an outstanding option for both podcasters and veterans. You, as a podcaster, can run numerous shows at once or as you need to. Moreover, this platform is a reliable hosting provider that attracts new customers to your podcast and makes it successful. Because this company provides an efficient online platform for your content that everyone can listen to at any place they want.

Introduction To Buzzsprout Podcast:

Online audio and video content are kept on the Buzzsprout podcast hosting website. You’re undoubtedly familiar with the Buzzsprout logo because the business has been offering solid hosting services to podcasters and other content producers for over 10 years. For hosting, statistics, and monetization of podcasts, Buzzsprout serves as a one-stop shop. The material is distributed to customers through major podcast directories after being picked up by hosting websites like Buzzsprout. Your media files are not the only thing the hosting platform stores. Additionally, Buzzsprout offers many tools to make editing and advertising procedures simpler.

Introduction To Buzzsprout Podcast

Why is Podcast Hosting Important?

Sites that offer podcasts simplify your operations and increase the number of individuals who can access your material without much technological expertise. One of the key benefits of using a podcast hosting service is as follows:

Never Scarifies Quality:

For as long as you need, high-quality audio and video will be kept online for your podcast. You won’t have to worry about reducing the quality of your files when you compress them. When accessing your presentation, your viewers will benefit from speedier speeds and data transfers. Additionally, buffering won’t be an issue for your listeners. Their experience downloading or listening to your podcast will be seamless.

Offer Analytics:

Analytics are also offered via podcast hosting. You may view information on your audience’s preferred listening platforms, the most well-liked episodes of your program, and more. By understanding what your audience wants, you may enhance your material in this way.

Creation of Ideal Website:

The platform for hosting podcasts treats them seriously. Buzzsprout makes it possible to build the best website possible to make sure that listeners can find the podcast easily and promptly. The website’s look can be altered to reflect the brand. Custom URLs can be made to make it simpler for listeners to find the website, episode data, and any existing podcast. This hosting company has added additional capabilities such as podcast episode transcripts, individualized podcast websites, and podcast statistics analysis. The end effect is that the podcast’s development potential is maximized.

Get Started With Buzzsprout:

Getting your first episode produced and released is the most challenging task for a new podcaster. Buzzsprout makes getting started for novices simple. You can put up your first podcast if you can create a social media account. You will be asked if this is a new podcast or if you already have episodes to transfer after signing up for a free plan. We’ll review how to create a new Buzzsprout podcast and prepare it to start publishing episodes. We’ll also learn how to transfer your podcast episodes to the Buzzsprout hosting platform from another hosting website.

Adding a New Show on Buzzsprout:

With only a few clicks and a few minutes, you can create a new podcast in Buzzsprout by following these steps:

  • At step one, Click “My Podcasts” in the upper right corner of the screen’s navigation bar.
  • In the second step, select “Create a New Podcast.”
  • Then at the third position, Click “Create New Podcast” after giving your podcast a name.
  • At last, in step four, Launch the “Episodes” page and add episodes.

How to Publish a Buzzsprout Episode:

A brand-new podcast episode may be quickly and easily uploaded to Buzzsprout. With only a few clicks, follow these steps to publish a new episode on Buzzsprout:

  • Choose to Upload a New Episode from the Episodes page.
  • Pick your audio file and upload it.
  • Complete the episode specifics for your podcast. Please give it a title, compose a detailed description, and complete all other necessary elements.
  • Determine the publication date for your episode. Buzzsprout offers options for backdating and future scheduling of posting.
  • Pick “Save Episode Details” at last.

Import Already Existing Podcast:

If you already have a podcast on a podcast-hosting website, you can quickly transfer it to Buzzsprout. Just follow the following procedures to transfer your episodes to Buzzsprout:

  • When you will be asked if you’re new to podcasting or already have a program, then select “I Already Have a Podcast” during the Buzzsprout signup process.
  • Find your podcast in Apple Podcasts using Buzzsprout. After locating your exhibit, click on your artwork to begin the transfer process.
  • Examine your ID3 tags and information after your episodes have been imported.
  • You should reroute your feed so that viewers may find your podcast using directories. Ensure that your RSS feed is updated in all significant directories.

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Features:

Podcasters of all skill levels will enjoy Buzzsprout’s features. The program is simple and straightforward, making it ideal for novices. For the demands of podcasters with more significant expertise, the platform also provides more sophisticated capabilities. We are going to discuss a few of Buzzsprout’s standout features that set it different from other podcast hosting websites.

Magic Mastering Tool:

The audio editing process is streamlined by Buzzsprout’s Magic Mastering function. As a result, you may devote more time to composing and recording and less time to post-production editing. This feature is invaluable to podcasters who lack a strong background in audio engineering. You may enhance your recording for a spoken word using Magic Mastering. Boost automated edits that improve your audio files’ quality due to better encoding. The music and speech levels can be automatically adjusted, and background noise and hissing may be rapidly removed.

Directories and Distribution Services:

The “Directories” section of Buzzsprout contains instructions on how to add your podcast to the top internet directories. You may find comprehensive, and step-by-step detailed instructions for adding your podcast to well-known listening platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Pod chaser. To increase your exposure and grow your listening audience, submit your podcast to as many directories as possible. Sharing your material online on all the leading social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, is simple with Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout’s premium plans enable you to create and copy email links for use in email campaigns to promote your program.

Statistic Features:

The number of plays that your most popular episodes have received and the total number of plays that your podcast has received for its existence is all tracked by Buzzsprout. To learn what sort of material your listeners enjoy, utilize the Buzzsprout podcast dashboard. Utilize the Buzzsprout dashboard to get an in-depth analysis of each episode of your podcast. Analyze the desktop of the device vs. mobile and podcast listening platforms your audience prefers to utilize to access your content. The typical number of plays with your most previous episodes and listeners’ locations are further pieces of information.

Visual Soundbites:

With the use of video soundbites, a podcaster may pick a brief segment from an episode to use as the basis for a video teaser. On social media, this style of the trailer has grown in popularity. The Buzzsprout podcast hosting service includes this service at no extra cost.

Chapter Markers:

For podcasts, chapter markers have grown quite popular. Buzzsprout makes sure they are accessible. The chapter markers in the app are quite effectively implemented. The podcaster may browse through the larger episodes and choose the parts they want to listen to. The listener is aware of what will happen from the start of the podcast, so they are not left in the dark about what the presenter will talk about or whether or not the topic mentioned in the title will be covered. To reduce any doubt, the audience also understands how long the discussion of a certain topic will last.

As a result, there is a lower chance that the listener won’t finish the podcast. This is why it makes perfect sense to add chapter markers as the podcast is being edited. The chapter markers may easily be added by the podcaster as they are listening to the episode and editing it.

Free Website:

Even if Buzzsprout offers a platform for podcast hosting, a website is still essential. Buzzsprout started offering a website builder for free back in 2019. A website is given to the podcaster so they may display each of their episodes. Listeners have several advantages when they are limited to this website. The podcast artwork is available for viewing, and the channel description is improved. This is a great approach to direct listeners to popular directories.

Podcast Episode Transcription:

The audio transcription services offered by Buzzsprout, which start at 10 cents per minute, are one of the reasons it is so distinctive. By using SEO, audio transcription may greatly expand the podcast’s audience. The podcaster may provide viewers with several ways to interact with each episode of the podcast. The problem is that transcribing has always been both costly and sluggish. As a consequence, the procedure of buzzsprout is considerably simpler and quicker. Editing and revising transcripts are easy. The transcription may either be posted straight onto another website or published on Buzzsprout’s public page.

API Integration:

The recently released Buzzsprout API will delight every podcaster who uses editing software. Direct episode uploads to the podcaster’s Buzzsprout account are possible. The podcaster is no longer required to download each episode and then upload it again. Even if the podcaster’s platform does not provide API interaction, uploading and exporting are still quite simple.

Monetization Facilities:

Getting compensated for your podcasting is never a bad idea, whether you do it professionally or just for fun. In order to help you with that, Buzzsprout offers an affiliate marketplace where you can find suitable affiliate programs. To sign up for the affiliate program, go to the “Resources” section of the dashboard and choose the affiliate marketplace option. Buzzsprout will right away add the affiliate link to the episode notes after you’ve acquired the required approvals. This means that regardless of the platform that listeners use to view your podcast, the link will always be active and ready to help you make money.

Customer Support:

Buzzsprout podcast service provides a primary method of communication, which is email, so you have to be sure that you’re happy with this method of communication. The lack of a live chat facility on Buzzsprout means that you will have to wait for any responses to any queries you may have. According to the business, they make an effort to react to every consumer inquiry within an hour of receiving it.

Robust Online Community:

One of Buzzsprout’s outstanding qualities is its active and robust online community, which is full of several podcasters eager to share their knowledge and insights. Over 23k people are fans of the Buzzsprout Podcast Community Facebook page. They also provide a helpful blog, email, and “Help” area on their website with tutorials, videos, frequently asked questions, and other materials to help you get the most out of their product.

Buzzsprout Pricing Plans:

Buzzsprout charges based on the number of hours of content you submit each month as opposed to other podcast hosts that bill by the megabyte. Buzzsprout offers three distinct premium subscription tiers with tiered pricing. A free plan with less features is also available. All premium plans include a podcast website, personalized embed players, data on podcasts, downloads, and distribution to significant podcast directories. The Magic Mastering tool from Buzzsprout may also be added to your membership through the premium plans for an extra cost. Paid plans charge on a monthly basis, allowing you to cancel at any moment. Here the following some of the pricing plans of this hosting service.

Buzzsprout Pricing Plans

Free Plan:

Only two hours of audio may be sent every month at this tier, which is the only limit. Episodes are also only accessible online for 90 days before being promptly deleted. Nevertheless, you get access to sophisticated user data and can add a limitless number of team members. The free website that comes with this plan will include ads, but you can always upgrade to remove them. In general, this is one of the best methods for starting a free podcast.

$12 Per Month Plan:

With this plan, you will get three hours of audio uploads per month. Thus, if you release episodes once a week, you will get to host 45-minute episodes every week. For most people who want to start, it should be more than enough. When you select this option, you get limitless hosting in addition to all the benefits of the free one. In addition, you will be charged $4 per hour if you upload more content than is authorized.

$18 Per Month Plan:

You gain all the benefits of the lower tier as well as an extra Six upload hours per month by upgrading to this option. You may submit additional content at once for a discounted rate of only $3/hour.

$24 Per Month Plan:

With Buzzsprout’s top-tier subscription plan, you will get an incredible 12 hours of audio submissions per month. For consistent posts and excellent audio programs, this tactic works well. Furthermore, additional bandwidth is available at just $2/hour if you need it.

Comparison of Buzzsprout With Other Hosting Service Providers:

Buzzsprout is not only the sole hosting service provider in the market there are some other hosting service providers are also available which have some pros on buzzsprout as well as some cons. So, let’s take a look at some of the other podcast hosting services.


Simplecast is a fantastic option for podcasters thanks to its wealth of comprehensive analytics and podcasting tools. In addition to other distribution capabilities, it provides the premier sharing tool Recast. Unlimited storage, the option to produce many shows under one account, and two team member seats are all included in the $15 monthly basic package. You must purchase Simplecast’s higher-tier subscriptions, which start at $35 per month, in order to make use of its full capabilities.



A number of Buzzsprout’s features are also available on Podbean, another well-known podcast host. All of Podbean’s subscription plans provide limitless storage space and 100 GB of bandwidth. You receive live streaming capabilities in addition to adjustable themes for building your own podcast website. Video podcasts may be made starting with the Unlimited Plus subscription, which is its more expensive option. You may also host private podcasts with SSO login using its Business Package.



Plans at Libsyn start at $5 a month, and this company has been around since the early 2000s. However, this plan only provides 50 MB of storage each month. Additionally, you must pay an additional $2 to obtain basic show statistics. You must purchase the Classic 250 Libsyn plan if you want storage on par with the $12 per month Buzzsprout plan. Which implies you’ll have to pay $15 each month. There is a con of using this service which is trouble navigating its dashboard, which makes it harder for you to do your work on it.

libsynFinal Words:

The user-friendly interface of Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Service, which includes a wide range of other podcasting tools as well as respectable data, analytics, and revenue. Due to this fantastic service, this tool is excellent if you are going to start your career as a podcaster. Moreover, the monthly cost plans are very reasonable and clear than all other hosting service providers. So, must try this service if you get your interest in this way.

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